Welcome to the Lone Star Link System web site.

The system grew out of the desire to stay in touch.  The founder David (WD5IEH) was traveling to Victoria on business on a regular basis and wanted to be able to chat with his friends in San Antonio while at the hotel in Victoria.  So the first link repeater was put up in Victoria and the rest as they say is history.

The system continues to grow today due to the continued support of David and others who provide support and resources to ensure the systems and equipment stay up and running.

This is an open system and available to all who choose to use it, pull up a mike and enjoy the rag chewing.

444.750 tone: 162.2
Devils Back Bone
146.920 tone: 131.8
New Braunfels Texas
443.500 tone 141.3
BeeVille Texas
147.300 tone 103.5
Uvalde Texas
444.600 tone 162.2
Victoria Texas
147.160 tone 141.3
Shiner Texas
443.775 tone 141.3
Gonzales, Texas
443.125 tone 141.3
Davey Texas
147.320 tone 141.3
Seguin Texas
146.760 tone 141.3 NOTE: Linked on as needed Basis - Courtesy of the Chaparral Radio Club
Anhalt - Bulverde
145.130 tone 131.8
San Antonio NW
145.170 Tone 141.3
San Antonio - North
443.575 tone 141.3